Sevilla is waiting for you!

We think Seville doesn’t need presentation. Apart from its history, its culture, its great celebrations, its great monuments and great personality, in recent years it has experienced a spectacular breakthrough in everything related to tourist infrastructure (accommodation) and a true hatching in bars and restaurants of enormous quality, in a city already in love with life on the street, favored by the usual good weather.

We attach three maps.

In the first one, indicated in colors, in the upper right corner: SANTA JUSTA TRAIN STATION, in the lower right corner: Faculty of Philosophy / Faculty of Psychology, venue of the Congress.


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Walking from the RENFE / AVE Station to the Faculty, the route can be 15-20 minutes.
Walking from the Faculty


Five minutes from the Faculty, between the NH Viapol Hotel and the Faculty of Law, at Ramón y Cajal Avenue, you will find one of the final tram stops. The other is next to the City Hall. The tour can last 10-15 minutes. It is ideal for any trip to the Center. The stops are marked on this first map with yellow dots. The tour, in orange. It has stops next to:

In the image of the map, just below, in the center, with a semicircle, is the Plaza de España (10-15 minutes), next to the María Luisa Park.

The other two maps indicate the route and duration between Ave Train Station and the Faculty, and between Faculty and Town Hall.

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We do not believe necessary to make any recommendations about ACCOMMODATIONS. In Seville there are many, of all kinds. The above indications about the duration of walking and tram routes can help assess the location of the chosen accommodation (from pensions to luxury hotels).

Nor do we consider necessary any observation regarding places to eat next to the Faculty, around which there are many restaurants, bars, pizzerias, hamburgers, fast food places, etc. Unfortunately, for some years in the Faculty of Philosophy we have no Bar-Cafeteria, so you have to move to the Faculty of Tourism and Finance, annexed to the Faculty of Philosophy, one minute away.

Image gallery

  1. General view of the Cathedral of Sevilla
  2. La Giralda
  3. Plaza Virgen de los Reyes
  4. Avenida de la Constitución
  5. Guadalquivir - Torre del Oro
  6. Plaza de España
  7. Plaza del Salvador